Essay example

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Essays, whichever type they come in, have a similar format. This serves as a guide for a writer to express his/her thoughts and ideas in a structured manner. However, students get stuck because they do not know how to start an essay and look for essay example. You can find essay example online or just ask your teachers to help you.
Here is an essay example:
To begin with, let me say that writing a Photo essay was rather engaging than complicated. This unusual kind of essay has shown me a quite new way of writing with the use of pictures. I was really interested in this and put much effort into my writing work.
When it was time to present my Photo essay to other students, I got very excited about their responses. I thought a lot over my essay trying to make it as clear as possible. That is why I spent a great deal of time on my writing. As a result, when I got my sheet of paper with students’ responses, I saw everyone could well understand my arguments. Almost every feedback included the same answer. At first, I got confused whether they really understood my arguments or they just used other previous responses. Then, after class, I asked two different students to take a look at my Photo essay. They responded in the same way. So I came to the conclusion that my argument essay was understandable.
If I had a chance to write a Photo essay once more, I would change the way of writing it. Because I have gained some knowledge and got to know how to write it better. Honestly, having only a few days for writing my essay, I failed to organize myself appropriately. Therefore, I would spend more time for preparing and writing my composition properly. Another equally important change I would do is thinking more over details. I happen to struggle with this, what makes me feel confused. As for me, I find it difficult to consider details. I have hard times doing this, but I do my best to fix this problem. That is why, I would like to change these two issues and I cannot but do this.
I would give future students three pieces of advice about Photo Essay. First, students should plan their time according to the fact that they have a lot of homework to do. I would say, time-management is really important in this case. Second, students should think over their topic they are interested in. I believe, this plays a major role in essay writing makes the task much easier for them. Finally, I would advise them to make their writing process more exciting. Students have a lot of work to do, but they can enjoy performing their assignments extracting all possible pleasures out of this.
In conclusion, let me say that writing an essay is challenging. Despite the fact, this can be an extremely interesting and exciting experience. Hence, everyone needs to change his/her attitude about essay writing and enjoy this process as much as possible.